Week Five: a New Hope

Y’all, it’s been almost three weeks since school started. I’m getting into the routine, I just beat two really hard levels of Candy Crush and am now in first place, and I’m ready to take on this month/semester/remaining four months of 2013. Yes, it’s true that I spent most of the weekend opening my bank account, seeing that there’s still only $6.04 left in it, and screaming “FINE THEN WHO ASKED YOU ANYWAY.” I have backslid horribly this week, which was very busy and not at all fun. I even drank soda and then felt bad and then wondered if I had become Mormon because I felt bad.

Three things I haven’t done yet that I intended to do:

1. exercised every day

2. written every day

3. slept every day

Last week was a crappy week, so I’m not going to get down on myself for marathoning ‘New Girl’ until I started to contemplate giving myself quirky bangs (I brought myself down from the ledge on that one by looking at pictures of the last twenty times I cut my own hair), or cooing over pictures of Harry Styles on tumblr because whatever stop judging me. I’m pretty sure that if I accomplished the first thing on the list, the other two would follow. Past experience with regular exercise has taught me that once I get into the routine, everything else on my schedule sort of falls into place.

LMA has a few ideas on the benefits of regular exercise, mainly that it and fresh air are necessary to the spirit, and I have to admit this is one of the few areas in which I agree with her completely, despite the fact that I avoid getting sweaty whenever I can. It’s funny to me that at one point in time women were so strongly discouraged from exercising or even really going outside, and here I am a little over a hundred years later wondering if typing burns enough calories to justify not going for a walk (if I were able to type constantly for an hour, I’d burn 34 calories – sadly not enough). But being outside, seeing natural light, are key elements (for me, anyway) in avoiding that particular kind of depression that comes from being inactive and sitting in front of the computer all day. I really like sitting in front of the computer all day. I don’t really know how to change that. But I’ve been ignoring all the physical things that come with it, and I do vaguely remember that at one point in my past I didn’t spend 10+ hours a day watching netflix and contorting myself into increasingly weird positions to alleviate back and neck pain, carpal tunnel, and eye strain.

The next few weeks (months?) are going to be crazy busy. To motivate myself a little and to give an idea of what my schedule is like, I took a little picture of my google schedule. It is depressing. The white gaps are where I get to relax. And actually, now that I’m looking at it, that big chunk of relaxing time on Sunday is gone because that’s when laundry and apartment cleaning happens. OH SADNESS.

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 10.09.30 AM

Do you see that 6:00am exercise time? I don’t mind saying that the prospect of getting up at 6 and going for a walk is a little upsetting, because although I hate getting into bed, once I’m there I never want to leave.

Early-morning motivation, y’all – how do you do it? Someone yelling at you? Energetic music? I used to have my alarm ring tone set to ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and now whenever I hear it I get a little traumatic shock. I set my brother’s ring tone to it for a while and had to change it because whenever he called I’d automatically scream and turn off the phone. This week I’m making an energy playlist and we’ll see if I can use it to get my sad self out of bed before the dog runs in and licks my face because she knows what the alarm means even if the human doesn’t.